BMW concept

I’m intrigued by this car. Very cool gallery here.

I was waiting for someone to post the Tron car. Nice catch. Also, this is the best gallery I’ve seen.

Completely irrelevant car though, as you can produce anything close to this. Lots of great styling ideas though. I think we’ll look back at this as being very important in five years.

Agree on the irrelevance.

I do like the heavy, almost frowning, face graphic. The ribbon-ish, inside-outside, inverting, semi floating surfaces are pretty entertaining to look at too.

Is it just me?

The front and the back are really strong. The ribbon idea is a great jump from flame surfacing! And the interior is awesome. I think this is a great concept car, obviously not going to production, but obviously going to influent future BMWs… not sure about the light up grill…

if legislation allows then I think the lit grilles could be here to stay. I’ve often thought that if the purpose of a vehichle’s day lights are for the car to be seen by other road users (and not to light the way ahead ), then the auto companies are definately missing a trick not adorn their moving sculpture with taylored lighting that really shows off the surfaces they painstakingly craft for us.

I mean, can you imagine the sills and bumpers with recessed uplighters that really descibe the form beautifuly at dusk?

It’s the future I tells ya!

I have to say, as much as it is against everything I stand for, Wallflower is 100% right. LEDs are only going to get cheaper, so we’ll see them everywhere. It was only in 2005 that Ford offered color changing LED backlit instruments in the Mustang. Last year, this moved to ambient color changing light in the Focus and New New Mini. I’ll bet that we’ll have some automake offered exterior LED lights within 3 years. I can especially see BMW putting some in the grilles…that’s very BMW. This is another reason that I can’t buy a BMW. The clutch is poorly weighted and they seem to be more about showing off than actual performance (even if they can back it up).

Beautiful concept car though…

Here’s the BMW M1 homage concept car from last summer. I have some major gripes with it, but there are some hints in it that are played up in the Efficient Dynamics car, particularly the spread body panels, and floating surface cues. Plate tectonics keeps coming into my head.

Brett, definitely a lot of linage there.

I have no problem with some nice exterior lighting (Audi LED headlamps, BMW Angel Eyes)… but in this case, the blue grill I think might be a bit cheese. Would have been cool to do an angel eyes treatment to the grill though, just show off the double kidneys.

My Mini has the changing ambient lights, I like it, though I keep it set to blue or orange… magenta really not so much.