Blueprints on shoes?! Help Plz!

Hi everyone!

I need some help on how to draw exact blueprints on shoes. Like the sketches that you send to your footwear manufacturers.
I would like to know what you should think about - what to do - what not to do…stuff like that

The type of shoe that I need these blueprints for are the ones that are mentioned below. I know that they are rather simple in the design, but still, this is my first time that im trying to do anything like this - and I would really appriciate every little help that I can get :slight_smile:

The shoes are:

Thx alot!
// Eskafi :stuck_out_tongue:

You are basically asking for confidential documents to base your designs off of in a public forum.

You’d be better off asking the factory directly if they have examples they can share with you. It’s not that hard though. just buy all the shoes in question, get a good set of digital calipers, and begin.

I appreciate your honest answer Michael - And to be honest with you - I did not even realize that I was asking for confidential documents :open_mouth:

But still, I know I have seen some blueprints of random shoes floating around the web here and there…And I would really appreciate it if anyone had any links of that type that could be of benefit for me…

I guess I have to buy one of those wooden foots and then apply fabrics on them…and then go from there…experementing my way forward…Or just go with your suggestion Michael

Thx for the answer…