bluefoamdust and jokes in design
I have followed this account on Instagram for about a year and while it gets extremely weird, it did let me know about what the kids are up to these days in design school. For example, this video meme thing let me know about (clearly very cool) lemanoosh and dezeen, and even has nods to coroflot and Core77.

I’m only bringing it up now because I recently came across these bad boys:

They are a Fila x Core77 collab from 2006/2007 (I was finishing up high school), marking 11 years of Core77.

And realized:

  • Blue foam has been the cheap and fast material of choice for modelmaking for a while now
  • Core77 is the original meme source for designers

There are memes being developed every moment of every day for every niche topic, and the formulas are obviously pretty effective (in being contagious at the very least). What do you think? Does some of that stuff bring you back to design school struggles/jokes/triumphs? Is it way too ridiculous?

Core has the weekly design roast now… but are there any other sources serving up design-related comedy and/or general weirdness?

The Blue Foam Dust account is pretty funny. There is also a Pink Foam Dust account and I think maybe even some kind of a Foamcore account all on instagram competing to see who can have the funnier niche ID memes.

Core77 is the OG though. I remember when those shoes came out. They were designed by Phil Russo who is now the VP of design at Converse. I thought it was great that he was able to get Fila to do a little cola with core77. We tried to recapture the magic when Phil came over to Converse but we couldn’t get it over the top with management. I did get them to sponsor the RISD basketball team which is called “The Balls” (started by Joe Gebia, founder of Airbnb) with shoes and full custom uniforms. I think after that one they were like “we aren’t making your core77 shoes too Michael!”

These were my blue foam dust follow concepts. We were just getting full photo real fabric printing online so I was pushing for some kind of an unexpected material look like plywood or aluminum. In theory we could have taken a stock all white shoe and printed it before the panels were cut. It wouldn’t have really cost anything BOM wise other than the extra printing step… but inventory management.

Those are great! I was more of a pink foam guy myself :laughing:
The layered foamcore is hilarious.

Wow, that’s a clickhole alright.
The materials idea would be great for those printed Oxford shoes we see everywhere now.
How about adding pegboard, PU spray foam and duct tape, LED side-lit Lexan?