Blue Foam

I want to get some hands-on practice modelling foam, but i’m in high school so don’t have access to the foam I’ve seen at colleges. I heard that the blue foam insulation you find at hardware stores is a similar to the foam designers use for quick models. But the thickest size I can find is 3/4 inch and I need something at least 2 inches thick.

Anyone know where i can get thicker sheets for cheap or if there is a way to join the pieces together?

you can join pieces together with spray mount like super77. spray on both sides, wait for a bit for the foam to melt a little, then squash them together for a sandwich.

Call around to some plastic suppliers. I know we ordered ours from one. I thought there was an online place that sold foam? Shipping has to cost a ton though, and thwere may be a min order

Also, be cautious with the spray glue. some of them will eat the blue/pink foams.

blue foam isn’t like what we used in college to mess around and build sketch models, it IS what we used. don’t go buy any of the real urethane or REN foam it’s expensive, learn on the insulation from lowes.

But yeah, don’t spray paint it without covering it with bondo filler or wood putty, it will melt. Then again, nothing you make in blue foam should be that detailed anyway.