Blue Clover Studios?

Does anyone have any experience or feedback on Blue Clover Studios? What’s it like in Evansville, Indiana? It sounds like the middle of nowhere.

And are they always this happy when they gather to sketch around the conference table?

Why do they think “Faster speed to market” is best illustrated a Mini?

I use Wile E. Coyote wearing roller skates with a rocket on his back on my site.

The location is not too bad, but you definitely wouldn’t have many other job options in the immediate area… it also depends on what you like doing outside of work that would be important for that area… big city feel it is not…

I don’t intend to be mean to this studio, but I feel that every studio says they are unique because they can do design: concept through to production. It’s not unique if everyone claims the same thing.

I hear you. I had one firm that wanted us to sign a cda before they met us (they wanted the meeting) because they felt their process was proprietary and the their CDA covered that…

Since they design packaging and are owned by Berry Plastics, an injection molder, blow-molder, etc. of packaging, they actually can back up their claim. Their design may be a bit biased toward their owners but that’s why they are part of Berry Plastics.

Dan: Why not say that you have unique experience in designing packaging from a to z? That’s specific, more honest and frankly, more beneficial for clients to understand why they should hire you.

If I am looking for an IM or BM package, it is great reason to use them. If I don’t want those things, I would shy away. Manufacturers think every problem is their nail and every solution is their hammer.

But then again, not disclosing the relationship is also off-putting.

I interviewed there a couple years ago, their design studio is nice and they seem to genuinely apply holistic ID processes to packaging. Not sure how they compare against other packaging design centers, but Berry is huge. I don’t think Evansville, IN is the most exciting city… at least it’s cheap cost of living

Funny thing is I had turned down their internship offer to intern with a consulting PDG, but now I am working for a packaging company :laughing:

I think you have to keep in mind the audience for these kinds of videos. It usually isn’t other designers. Personally I would have made the packaging thing hit home a bit more, but everybody is a critic right?

Yep, fair enough. I wasn’t endorsing, just mentioning a fact. I wouldn’t spend 3 seconds watching their video so I can’t comment.

I work in this market as well for an even bigger company, it is very hard to get companies this large to take risks so be aware you need thick skin and a lot of research knowledge. The neat thing about it is that literally millions of people all over the world use your design per day, and if you have made their life better through it, you have done your job.

You also get a lot of flack about supposed “non-recyclable” or “non-sustainable” materials, so you have to become well educated to “defend” your job and products to outsiders. Public perception drives decisions, even to using materials that end up having a larger carbon footprint than the material being replaced.