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:arrow_right: New Blog (HOT): Designers & 3d Visualizers talks about innovations of technology, design principle, share there ideas n vision…bla bla blaa…So [u]Jump Start Blog-In :[/u]
:bulb: or Create your Own Blog…!!! :wink:

Good luck on the blog.
I’d like to link to my blog too. :smiley:

A blog with updates and features from the Singapore and the International Design scene.Its pretty cool, check it out.
And dont forget,
Praise us, Diss us, tell us what you think.
We need a lotta feedback.

CHA …YOUR link HAS been Placed on MY BLOG…COuld you place Our link on your BLog ?


I M BACK …:stuck_out_tongue:


:bulb: Must see 4 every1!!!

i like the non-U.S. blogs. keep them coming.