blog ads like cancer killing the whole?

Question: do advertising entries kill blog communities?
Do the people posting them do more harm to their client company than good by making the users or the posts mad increasing their desire to find a different post site without advertising topics?

I think:
blog advertising is like cancer. it will kill this wonderful site.

It’s been a constant battle. I delete these as fast as I can in the sections I moderate.

Yes, they do kill forums like Core. People only have so much patience to sort through forum topics, so alot of spam will discourage people from trying.

It’s odd isn’t it? The advertisers are turning viewers away from their ads.

it is a fun psychology hurdle for advertisers and designers. I personally agree…people don’t have time to sift through a bunch of crap to find the topics that interest them…the advertisers sort of do more harm than good. to bad blogs are such an effective way to distribute information. it is like we are on the new frontier or blog spam and the person who figures out how to deal with it automatically will be a hero!

If you have a WordPress blog, install the Spam Karma plug-in. It’s fantastic at catching spam comments. It’s checks each comment againsts 10 automated tests, and comes up with a score. Negative values are spam which automatically get taken care of.

There is also a plugin that uses text placed in an image that a user must type in. That works pretty good also.