blinds/visually impaired

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how u be?ayte i have question … workin on an interior for visually impiared … need ur advice on colors that i can use … thanks …
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I am currently doing a project for Visually Impaired People.I am here to inquire about the colors as i have a very bad color sense.I know tonal contrast is good for them but still if you could recomend some colors that would be nice.

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MY wife used to work at a school for the visually impaired ranging from legally blind (but still with some sight) to no visual capabilities. I would think you would want to use a lot of contrast if you wanted to have impact, super rich darks, highly saturated midtones, and bright light colors (without being to garish to those who have to be there that can see fully)

Also, you can experiment with texture. If different rooms have different textures, I think that could be really intuitive.


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Also possibly of interest:

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Consider contacting your local branch of the Braille Institute of America with questions. If you want, they might be able to hook you up with some people with visual impairments - they are usually more than happy to give input on design projects.

thanks!!for looking up for all that stuff … i knew few of the sites and other few really helped.i am thinking of designing furniture too.