Blender3d for ID work

I want to know about Blender3d, from anyone who is/has/may have used it for ID related work? Since the interface is different from other s/w like 3d max or rhino, i want to have an idea of its utility for me before investing the time in learning it.

I think some insight into its capabilities related to surfacing, rendering and general unfriendlinesses would be good indicators.
Thanks in advance!

I downloaded it about a year back and found that it was good. Good being that you could definitely make some hot renderings from it. I also found it to be a bit slow…compared to 3DS Max. For a FREE rendering package it can’t be beat.

Oddly enough, I downloaded it again last week and was having a look at it. I am seriously considering using it for my next job. It has a VERY unfamiliar UI, but it has some serious flexibility. On paper its GI and raytracing seems to be top notch…I just haven’t put it through its paces…yet.

-sounds like you are speaking specifically / exclusively about it’s rendering capabilities, I think Manish is interesting in modelling as well.
I was interested in it from a rendering standpoint myself.
I would also be curious to hear about modelling with it.

Personally, I don’t use rendering packages for modelling so I can’t comment on that part of it.

Reason being that rendering packages focus more on the creation of polygonal data as opposed to surface data. They can do NURBS…I found workflow to be better going from 3D CAD to rendering package not the other way around. Especially b/c there is too much room for interpretation heading to engineering if you send them polygonal data.

But I have no doubt that you can create nice looking stuff in Blender.

I must admit, I only ran across this software a couple weeks back, when I was trying to compare some GI renderers for potential purchase, and I only really know that it claims to have some NURBS surfacing capability and that it is freeware, didn’t know it was exclusively a rendering software. I was putting off checking it out until I was able to verify if it was worth my while, and with my VRAY 30 day trial soon coming to an end, my interest was piqued by this post, so I would love to hear anymore you or anyone else may have to share. So far, looking at the galleries I’m not thinking it is a route I’m heading down.

thanks IP, ID. i dont understand when you say that blender is a renderer. if that is the case then where do YAFray or POVray or other render engines come in? the blender tutorial starts from modelling. from what i could see from the initial tutorials, it seems to be more mesh based, although there are specific references to NURBS.
i am wondering if it could replace my rhino or max, at least to a degree… (if that, then to what degree?)
so my question is, can one hope to do concept work (modelling and visualisation) totally in blender? (maybe not engineering surfaces-doesn’t look like that…)

Yes, you can do concept work fully in Blender just as you can in 3DS Max.

I personally choose not to.

IP- why you choose not to work using blender would be interesting to know. that is the kind of critique i’m really interested in. thanks!

I don’t use blender or 3DS Max for development because of workflow. Developing surfaces, etc. within Rhino or Pro/e allows for more control from my perspective as a Designer. Details get lost in translation when your work has to be interpreted by the engineering team, etc.

Power users of 3DS Max, etc. might be able to refute what I am saying. But I have always geared my career and tools to the engineering side of ID. So I learned the Mechanical tools and make them work to my benefit.

It has signifcantly helped in breaking down the “artist” barrier that I find you would run into by using Blender.

End of the day, there is no such thing as a wrong tool for a job if you do good work. They’re all tools. My choices in software have been formed through my experience.

Thanks IP. the workflow point you made is really a good one. the export options are almost all related to poly/mesh/face export. nothing ID about it. good for creating good freeform meshmodels and rendering for animation i’m sure… will not take this further right now i think…