Blender 3d ??


Have you ever heard of Blender3d?

please check it out -

Have you used it? Worst user interface of any piece of software I have ever used, hands down. Free is still too expensive- I wouldn’t use it if they wrote me a check.

And what does it have to do with furniture exactly?

sorry for the late reply…but the fact that it’s free…and the GUI isn’t so difficult…
well, just keep on trying…

downloaded it…tried it… deleted it!

Blender might be acceptable if you’re a teen looking to learn 3D animation, but in the ID world it’s useless, and won’t benefit you in the long run. Student versions of professional software like Alias, Solidworks, and Rhino are all available for under $100 - so theres no reason to not pick up and learn a package that will benefit you when you go to get a job.

i use solidworks but would like to learn alias or max aswell how hard to use are they?

They have a fairly steep learning curve, but if you go through the documentation and already have a fair understanding of 3D concepts its nothing that can’t be picked up in a few months.

hmmm. am not satisfied with this program…