Bleaching Wood

I’m making a stool out of piece of oak. I’d like to take out some of the yellow cast and thought industrial bleach would do the trick. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Use wood bleach.

red oak is problematic and repeated bleachings will only go so far, and the color comes back quickly. you might want some alternatives.

I’ve got white oak. I tried oxaiic acid, but seems too weak. Heard there’s a two part bleach that works well.


Hydrogen peroxide (35% solution (what you get at the drug store is only about 2%))and Sodium Hydroxide (especially nasty stuff)

Be f-u-c-k-i-n-g careful with this stuff; eye protection, respirator, nitrile gloves, open air location, etc. NO CHEATING on this.

thanks for that. those are great articles…