your thoughts?..this is a newish direction, more graphic and less painterly, i’m thinking saul bass a bit? also switchd to a large format 24"x30". this painting has since been worked on a bit more since i took the pic…just too lazy to upload again


I like your new direction. :smiley:

It reminds me a little of the NBA logo.
I really prefer this more graphic type of thing over your previous style. Sorry to say, when I first saw some of your paintings (on Niketalk?), I thought it was a joke. When I realized you were serious it made me upset. I guess they just went so far away from the discipline that I associate with design, footwear particularly, it was almost too jarring for me to accept. I mean, primitive, unskilled stuff.
Recently I realized that you are Darin Hager. I’ve seen your work before on coroflot & elsewhere. You’re a pro, and I know you don’t suck. You’re really good. So that confused me even more. I asked myself, “can’t a talented guy like that see that these scratchy sloppy paintings are total crap???”
I seriously can’t understand what people see in them, but if someone likes them, especially you, I certainly won’t mess with that. Keep it up.
Hopefully I’ll come around to the paintings. I’d much rather enjoy things than not.

I too thought it was a joke - then I read he was a sr. designer - I’d be interested in seeing his design work - the paintings did not impress me - to be quite honest. I am for them personally, but against them politically, let’s take back America?

I would also like to consult france on whether they are good or not, I love you people!

That was lovely. Thanks John Kerry.

I like the graphic style a bit more than the artsy style. But I’m still not behind it all the way. I feel you could do more with the composition, maybe more with the colors (although, the NBA logo association makes some sense).

To me, general composition is the most important thing in painting, most of the paintings you’ve showed us, IMO, are lacking a little something in that area. I think this one is starting to getting better though, and the simpler style should make it much easier to figure out the compositional issues.

if the compostitions were more interesting, I could definately get past the inacuracies of the shoes themselves, Does that make any sense? I donno art is too subjective.

keep it going

first off, thanks for the comment. Second, as I mentioned in my blog and elsewhere i just started painting 2 months ago, never had a class (except 1 in college long a go) and i’m trying to express my self in a different way than I do everyday at work. I’m not sure how many inaccuracies they’re are in my paintings but this is art not work so i dont have to be accurate at all. I have 10 years experience in being a proffessional footwear designer. I have 2 months experience as a painter, so thanks for cutting me some slack. oh and everyone please post your work up also…heres mine

Thank you and check back often, i’m very prolific :smiley:

I really like the shocks pallete knife one, hadn’t seen it yet. and the Jordan 1 is good too.

I’m not sure how many inaccuracies they’re are in my paintings but this is art not work so i dont have to be accurate at all.

I may have mis-spoken, sorry. I know it’s art, and accuracy doesn’t matter as much. I was trying to point out that IMO, the general composition is the most important thing. That’s the only thing that keeps me from liking most of the work.

composition has nothing to do with painting experience, it’s design basics. I’m just saying, I think you could plan the space a little better.
Not knocking your work, just my 2cents.