Blast from the past (Creating the PowerBook)

Hi, just found this video about the first Apple Powerbook. Kinda fun to see (yeah, yeah the video is really cheasy with opera in the background and everything). This is the laptop that in many ways set the standard for what a laptop is, and it has some nice details like retractable feet to angle the keyboard.

I’m a nostalgic I guess, but to me the last powerbooks (the aluminium design that was also used for the first macbook pros) are the last Apple laptops that have a true character. Sure I love my unibody macbook pro, as a machine, but the 12" and 17" PBs (and later 15") will always be something else :slight_smile: Also, in those days Apple knew that glossy screens should be a no, no on a laptop (well, nobody made laptops with glossy screens at the time of course).

Pretty awesome, and I’d say that was 1996 or 1997… great to see the depth they were thinking of back then, and how far we’ve come… and how far Rob has come as well :wink: