Have you checked out Blackle?

Its Google but with a black background. They claim it saves power.

My question is…In the age of LCD monitors and Laptops…isn’t this a bunch of BS? On CRTs I totally understand it. But don’t LCDs have one single light that’s on all the time??

Not up enough on the tech. Thought someone might be able to reinforce or refute Googles claim.

you are right. there is no effect on LCD monitors. As far as I know though, its not actually done by google, so not really their claim.

im all for positive changes, but for sure, the amount of energy used on a black vs. white screen, for the short time people use a google page, ONLY on CRT’s can’t add up to much, even with the millions of computers in the world. wouldnt be surprised if the sum total per day of savings equals one person turning off one incandescant lightbulb in china.

gets the hype though and blog hits, hopping on the bandwagon.


The idea is that ‘some’ power will be saved if thousands/millions of people use Blackle instead of Google over millions of times.

But yes, the CRT/LCD thing is true, so that makes their concept incorrect.

I found out about this last year, liked the idea enough, even just to be ‘different’. I planned on using it as my default search, but alas, there is no Image Search, which alone, makes me boycott it.

I use the same search engine with a black background called bpled

This one looks much cooler then blackle and you can see the results better.

No image search, no good. And I don’t know about “looking cooler”. Looks pretty lame to me.

Sites like that might start to save energy again when LCD’s using adaptive backlit LED segments become commonplace, otherwise I think it wasn’t meant to be taken fully seriously but more a “what if” concept.

CRT’s I’m sure most know fire energy at glowy stuff. Black = Off.
With an LCD the pixel “on” state is “filter all light,” or, Black = On.

So in some situations blackle will consume more energy!

If you’re that worried there’s plently of ways to make your PC use less energy that don’t give up readablity, functionality, or bump up counters with questionable formulas :slight_smile:

I believe they are no longer developing the old website since they created Blackl.
Their new black google search engine Blackl is based on renewable energy. The old one used regular power.
Their new Google black website is → Blackl ( black google search engine )