BlackBerry's new Creative Director is...

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

I’m too ugly. The media would be distracted about anything that doesn’t have substance.

iab: What do you think the percentage of Apple users who recognize Johnny Ive is? 1%? It’s the product that matters…

That’s my point. Trying to educate 99% of the people is pointless and expensive. It is much easier to sell a me-too product with a face that 99% do recognize. It’s RIM’s only hope because they have nothing else.

It’s RIM’s only hope because they have nothing else.

Oh, I dunno… even though I live in California, I buy motorcycle parts from MAXBMW in North Hampton, NH partly because they include a package of M&M Peanuts with every order.

Hey, gimmicks work!

I was a little disappointed tonight they didn’t introduce Alicia Keys when she came on stage at the Super Bowl as Blackberry’s Creative Director. :frowning:

Quite well, didn’t it yo if i remember correctly? Like or loathe her public personality and the posh/becks media lifestyle, she’s won over enough of the fashion gatekeepers to make me think she’s not all smoke and mirrors.

Did it?

Design: Doesn’t seem to have impacted their design much.

PR: they don’t seem to use her much.

I can’t remember seeing her in anything since the launch of the Evoque concept.

The Range Rover has always been a pretty fashionable vehicle. I didn’t think they ever really had an image issue.

I do remember being in a couple and seeing the paneling falling off after a couple of months or maybe I am just thinking of the lesser Land Rover. Victoria could market me gourmet string cheese and I i’d buy it ha.

Panels falling off!.. That is just British charm. :wink: You pay extra for that.

I am at a wireless conference this week here in Vancouver. Ironcially, I had a chance to chat with one of the VPs of RIM. I was still seething a bit from this announcement about keys.We had a nice chat and I held no punches.

She was…how to say…sincerely concerned that people are interpreting the Alicia Keys as simply rolling out a star and calling her Creative Director. The intention, in her words, is spokeswoman in conjunction with a creative endeavor between her and several other artists. Apparently they gathering several artists together that will be creating a unique digital art experience with the new Blackberry Z10. She IS the creative director of that endeavor…apparently.

She recognized that the roll out of the CD title for Keys could have been clearer.

I also got to hold a Z10 and play with the OS, etc. This is the part that gave me hope. Their product isn’t a Zune. It isn’t a “me too”…especially the IxD. They have done some serious UxD to address the needs of the road warrior, etc.

In a 2 minute tinker with the device I can’t say yet whether or not it pulled me back from the ledge of wanting to see Blackberry fail, but it definitely tempered my disappointment.

There is asymmetry between the ‘flashiness’ of the role and the potential impact her role can have, if its in the capacity you describe. Do smart phone consumers rate ‘unique digital art experiences’ high on their decision making process? Will they be swayed by ‘art directed by AK’ scripted on the handset or interface? It still feels juvenile.

Is there a term for this practice of hiring pop stars to ‘creative direct’ your gadget/auto company - you know, along the lines of ‘greenwashing’?

Famewashing? Starwashing? Celebwashing?

Slippy: This is BB trying to be hip and cool.

The hip and cool went out and bought iPods and Beats.

BB, HP and Polaroid went out and bought the hip and cool.

One way makes the company money. The other way spends it.

BTW, not a new strategy for BB. They’ve been pushing their “for do-ers, not for looks” marketing for the last year. I think there were some singers and musicians involved in it. It’s success can be measured…

Maybe its a C-level position.

Like a CBO

Celebrity Bandwagon Opportunist

@MR Honestly Polaroid just needs to start making film again and they would be fine, kids eat the stuff up.

@AndreC Too bad they sold all their instant film to impossible. They still got z-ink although it’s not the same…