BlackBerry will stop making its own phones

Gee, shocker.

Welcome to Canada. Every non-bank to head the TSX in market cap has collapsed, some bankrupt and out of business. Nortel, Blackberry and now Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

Big Canadian business only understands banking and mining. If you want to be successful in products, you have to move to the US or stay small and private (Umbra, Ski-Doo).

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that moment when he says “try typing with your thumbs” :rofl: … as a corporate Black Berry user back in the day when I was working at Jordan I remember that moment.

Just watched the BlackBerry movie last night. It was great. Really funny, dry, somewhat realistic, and well executed with a good story and movement to the action.

Highly recommend.

No mention of design however. Funny especially as I know a lot of the designers and head of design came from my alma mater, Carleton University, the best ID school in Canada. I think at one point I knew 6 designers working there.

I saw a Blackberry in use about two weeks ago. Crazy isn’t it?

Where were you? in 2006?

The opening of a new light rail in Montreal in 2023.