Black Light Plastic

Well, obviously my normal plastics supplier can’t help me out here, so here’s the question.

I’m looking for a colorant or tint that will make translucent polycarb or acrylic glow purple/blue when around a black light. I’ve seen it done before, but just can’t find the source.

Any leads?


I am not sure but I believe GE has a phospherecent(sp?) plastic. I will call my matterials guy and ask for you.


Sorry, What I have seen is Luminux. It is an additive invented by Honeywell and distributed by a german plastics company not for sure what the name is. Said as far as he knows it is only in Green and yellow with various shades in between.

But I know I have seen an electric blue color on a lamp in a Spencers before.

Designer…thanks! You are on the right track. I’ve been working with NPL on it with no luck thus far, but I am going to try GE and a handful of others. Amazing, when I do a search on google I end up with just about everything EXCEPT plastics. The term “black light” tends to conjure up very bizarre websites. It’s amazing some of these people live past their teenage years!

The reason why google congers up those results is because they changed the algorithoums that are used to calculate search results. Like many search engines you now have to pay-for-performance, most post these in the sponsored links…google on the other hand intersperces them.

I am working on another project and have no time to proff this for spelling so please forgive me.

By the way I contacted my GE contact for you while on lunch, they currently do not offer it in the visualfx line. However he has seen it at a trade show, but thinks that it was done by coating the plastic with a clear paint that was black light active. This is because it has been a couple of years and has yet to see any manufacturer offer it.

Good Hunting to you though!