Hi everybody.

Ive been trying to assemble the condensed/teser version of my portfolio. About to start looking for work so all constructive criticism is appreciated. You dont have to sugarcoat it either, just lay it on me.

Thanks in advance!

(the format wasnt really optimized for spread pages like issuu shows it in, but it works ok I guess)

Hi Björn,

looking good !

Some point of (hopefully) constructive criticism:

  1. Find a different host for that format.
  2. Think about the picture of yourself, that reflects your personality on the first page.
    It looks purposeful, but also sinister. Lighten it up a little.
  3. I’d throw out the helmet project.
  4. The birds nest is nice to show your approach to a task with low complexity.
  5. I’d keep the chairs, even if it’s not ID it conveys a certain sense of humor.
  6. Some of the scribbles are a little small.

Hone it a some more over christmas and this one bangs.


That was fast!

I had hoped my axing of projects had been enough, but I guess my eyes are tainted with nostalgia…
Hope some new eyes can have a look, so my can rest and let it sink in a bit. Thanks for the advice!

agree on the pic… it makes you look a bit intense, and doesn’t convey the fun side of your personality. I think the helmet isn’t getting you anything right now. I think it is a good project type but it looks like just another helmet, which is what I’d also say about the Jordan. Think of it like this, Nike already has a bunch of people that can make Jordans that look like that, what can you bring to it? I think the LBJ stuff is much better. Also like the bird house and chair. Gives dimentionality to it. Overall I’d say it is very good, I think it can be great if you push it further. Is this your last year?

Yes, to be honest, I chose that pic because I’m not extremely photogenic and I didn’t cringe every time I looked at this one. I guess i’ll have to stage something :slight_smile:

I actually thought it was the other way around with the LBJ and the MJ shoes, but I see your point.
I think one of my main concerns is that the folio lacks that punch I keep seeing on coroflot, but I wanted to make it very easy to look through without the visual noise. I do have one or two projects in the bag that I think could improve the overall impression, but they need to be a bit more work. I’ll get to them and make them presentable.

Yes, im working on the master thesis now (the winch), and hopefully I can move on to new challenges in january. It was also a pretty research heavy project, but I’m putting a lot of work in to the final model and hopefully I can give it a more central role in the portfolio.

I really appreciate the time and comments you and mo-i gave me. I’ll do my best to make the most of them! Thank you both!

I think some of that lack of punch is because a lot of the images are the same size. Like when you transition from the Puma project to the curved LCD thing (you see how closely people look…) there is so visual break (a white page goes a long way) and then there are 6-8 images of the curved LCD thing all about the same size and fidelity. Make the key image much larger and reduce the others and the eye will start to travel across the image in a more controlled way.

Proportional contrast, roger!

I really did put some work in trying to achieve that, but when I look at it on issuu, its true what you say. Feels more like focus is just floating through it from left to right, rather than being pulled to a new spot by force. (also seems like i need to be clearer about the digital compass) :smiley:

Sometimes a quick graphical device can do the trick. If that is a digital compass, than throw in an image of an old world compass, or a map, or something to give me a visual handle on the purpose. Give the viewer some simple graphical handles.