Bizcation...IDSA Conference Miami

So, I somehow was able to convince my office to let me go to the the IDSA conference this fall in Miami. I am pumped…not so sure about the conference itself ( its a lot like school you get out what you put in) and last time I pumped myself full of booze and talked shop the whole time. I hope its a little more inspiring than past ones I’ve gone to ( the last one I was at was in SF). Anyone else going this year? Anyone else jsut plain old pumped to go to Miami right before winter hits?

Not sure if I’ll be going this year, but hurricane season in Miami should be fun. :laughing:

Is it Hurricane season?..I thought I was getting a deal on my hotel! Oh well, I’;ll bring a kite and a raincoat.

I willl be going to Miami for the conference, in fact I’ll be giving a presentation. I’ve had a great time at the past few conferences, It really rekindles my excitement for design,and the networking opportunities are unparalleled.

I wish I could go but I don’t think I will be able to make it. Budgets are tight this year. The last one I went to was in San Fran as well. I love them I leave feeling really jazzed and full of new ideas.

I registered yesterday. The speaker line-up looks really good this year: Reminder: Friday, August 7th is the deadline for discounted early registration.

Hope to see you in Miami!


Come rain or hurricane, we’ll be at the IDSA conference in Miami. The Eastman Innovation Lab team is putting together a great program – a breakfast seminar on Thursday, Sept. 24 and a presentation launching three Design Insights videos intended to inform and inspire. We’ll be giving away KOR ONE bottles in the new colors of green, pink and orange. And we’ve got some cool iPhone 3G cases made from cellulosics (wood pulp). Who says there’s no such thing as a free breakfast? :smiley:

Just registered.

Was there last year and most reccomended, specially if it’s your first time

Just a heads up that Core77 will be sponsoring the Portfolio Review again this year. Please do stop by to check things out. The more people there the better, both showing and viewing.

Also, we’ll be hosting a little party on Thursday night. We managed to find the only dive bar in South Beach, and the bar tab will be on us. I’ll post an invite here when things are finalized, but I’m sure it will be a fun night.

I’m also just plain looking forward to a few days right on the beach!

WORD! I certainly will be there to drink on the ol’ Core tab. You guys should only serve 7 and Sevens

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

I’m a sucker for the Conference every year. It’ll be the usual, some speakers and presentations will be inspiring, some not so. But the thing that gets me back there every year is the reliable IDSA formula:

  1. Take 700 designers.
  2. Just add alcohol.
  3. Mix until well bended.

See you there.


Here pelican, pelican, pelican…

For all you going to Miami this week, please join us on Thursday for casual get-together at Ted’s Hideaway.

Sweet promo poster!