Bitcoin Miner


I have posted some concept renders for a Bitcoin Miner that I designed. The original post can be seen at This an older project that I decided to revamp to showcase. Your feedback is appreciated.

it is considered bad form on this forum to simple post links to your blog. uploading your concept development work here will yield you much better results.

Thanks for the feedback. The post has been updated.

The renderings are very nice… BUT

I would love to see the sketch development and thought process to understand how and why you ended up with that final concept.

Walk me through the process let me live vicariously through your post.

Also let me know what your goal is for posting… pick one of the following

  1. hey look at what i did all praise my greatness
  2. hey everyone here is my design and development process take a look and perhaps it can educate and inspire you
    3.hey everyone here is my design and development of a project i would love some feed back so i can learn and grow


The process began with research (secondary) and concept sketches. The selected concept was determined to have the best combination of aesthetics, functionality and usability. After the final concept was determined, I jumped into CAD for design and engineering. I also made drawings and BOM for manufacturability.

I guess I didn’t have any clear intentions for posting but I thought it might be beneficial to not only showcase my work but to get people up to speed on what I’ve been doing, as well as get some constructive feedback on my design.

Shown below are the various concepts. Second concept was chosen for final design.

More information on this project can be seen here:

Kenny, I like people sharing projects, hopefully you will get some feedback you can use.

My impressions: Nice renders, could do with a little scuffing up for my personal tastes. Shapes are on the simple construction side. However, not proto-CNC looking enough to bring to mind high end audio gear, not refined enough to be high end Taiwanese computer cases. The construction details are almost too present, stamped screw tabs for example. The presence of all the screws “troubles” me. Are they there for ease of modification? or is the box intended to be secure and tamper proof? (I see it now in the text, but I read text last) Screws communicate a message, in this case I am not sure what the message is. They either need to be enhanced more or hidden more.

The rubber red feet are too small and feel out of place, stuck on.

As a reference I like Lian Li computer cases, very efficient use of hardware.


Thank you for the feedback and link. It has been very helpful and I will consider those points.