Bird House

Home of the Sparrow is a charity in northern Illinois that provides shelter for homeless women and children. They are having a silent auction of bird houses to raise some funds. This one is mine.

Scrap plywood + scrap cherry + scrap aluminum + a couple of lunch hours in the shop.

On a side note, I think the sketch was better than the end product. It happens.

Beautiful. And just my aesthetic, I’d love to see this in a tree outside my window. Nicely done.

Ahhh! Don’t tell us that and not show us the sketch! :smiley:

Beautiful though!

Might be a silly question but what does the inside look like? I’m trying to figure out if the cherry nests in the ply or it’s just sitting on the top of it?

That’s pretty beautiful indeed.

Now we need the sketches, computer renderings, plans, process photos, inspiration boards, etc… :smiley:

Yeah, what was your market research like? I assume you interviewed more than one Sparrow, right?

like the concept (modern birdhouse) and most of the materials, but for me the metal roof isn’t cutting it. Feels a bit tacked on and an aftertought.

Dunno if it is the thickness of the material, or the mounting (method/location), but would like it a lot more without the roof.

As a functional note, don’t you need someplace for the bird to sit on to make it work? Or do they somehow go inside (doesn’t seem big enough). I think a wood dowel perch to match the plywood would (wood?) be nice and maybe redo the roof in matching bent ply would kick it up a notch.

Nice project. Wish I had a shop to make random stuff like this :slight_smile:


Beautiful. I love it. The metal roof works if it mounted to a metal pole… lets see that sketch!

I agree, lets see those sketches!! I love simple design projects like this. When done right they can be very powerful.

Many thanks for the compliments.

choto - Most of the plywood pieces are in a U-shape except a few at the bottom that are D-shaped. It was a much more efficient use of material to interlace the U-shapes on the piece of plywood I had. The top and bottom pieces of plywood are solid. The bottom piece has 3 machine screws holding it in place, but it can be removed to clean out an old nest. I routed the top piece of plywood by about 0.25" so the cherry recesses into the top (and the front for that matter.)

rkuchinsky - Sometimes you need to make do with the materials on hand. That excuse said, you are correct. I would have preferred to have welded the pins to the roof but as good as the shop is at work, there is no tig welder. I also would have had the back of the roof integrate with the back of the plywood to transition into the aluminum (Festivus) pole that the bird house mounts to. It isn’t pictured because I need to customize it for the winning bidder. As for thickness, bending 0.125" 6061 is difficult, 0.25" is a b****.

The hole is sized for a wren, as is the interior footprint and the height of the hole from the floor. There is no perch as those provide a place for preditors to stand and attack what is inside.

For a shop, you don’t need much. To make this all you need is a bandsaw - $600, a chop saw - $200, belt sander - $150, drill - $100, orbital sander - $50. When I was consulting, I would usually treat myself to one new tool after the final payment of a program. If you buy the right tool, it will last a lifetime. Yo can find the best bargins at machine tool auctions. With the loss of manufacturing in the US, those auctions are all too common.

For an update, the charity auction was this weekend. A total of $1850 was raised, my bird house brought in $275.

Nice work. And let me jump on the bandwagon of requests to see that sketch! (I saw this competition/auction in the Tribune and then promptly forgot all about it…still a bit bummed about that.) Congrats on the design, the effort, and cause!

nice! bot bad for some spare materials and some spare time!