Bird Flu

I heard some locals were afraid to eat chicken or any poultry. I wanted to check the rumor and msnbc reports that stomach acid kills the virus. The virus has not mutated to the human strain. Only if someone has the flu and then comes in contact with the bird virus, will mutation be possible.

Once the virus has mutated, transmission can spread faster between humans through casual contact. (i.e. handshaking, sneezing or coughing in close proximity)

As long as we stay away from bird contact, are in good health, and wash our hands we should be fine.

It would suck for the industry if “Patient Zero” was a footwear designer.
Anyone hear anything different?

check this out. its a good visual, my professor scanned it an posted it on a school post.

from article ‘Tracking the Next Killer Flu’ National Geographic Vol 208, No 4, October 2005

sorry about the scale.



It’s ok to eat birds as long as it’s fully cooked above 100C for more than a minute. Also, watch for your own hygene is the key.

They say that the mutation is a matter of time, which I believe. I think we just need to be prepared to sacrifice a lot of convenience and freedom during the possible out break.

I think nano technology will come into play in this one. Less likely for micro organisms to survive on nano fabric will be a huge selling point.

in that same national geographic story, it mentioned a couple of guys who ate a disk in Vietnam prepared with raw duck blood… one got sick and died while the other was fine. I guess that means stomach acid didn’t matter much…

During my trip to China someone is usually ordering the dishes at mealtime and I think it’s better not to know.

Because all Chinese restaurants use the “lazy susans” and have many dishes to pass around it is difficult for me to refuse trying a new dish. I actually like trying different food and I always enjoy the cuisine during my visits so they know I have good tolerance for different things but this time I felt more cautious about some of the selections. :blush:

For Lunch yesterday, they served these boiled chicken feet that are cut at the ankle. They’re all bloated from boiling so they look like little white antlers. I was hoping I could avoid any discussion about them as I watched each person put the whole foot in their mouth and then spit out little phalangie bones a pile on their plate. :open_mouth: Everyone is so efficient at cleaning up them bones, no cartilage or ligaments remain on the plate. Anyway, I was nailed cause made sure there was one for everyone. The host said to me, “you only want a half pair not full pair?” They’re not bad at all but I think they’d tast better fried. :stuck_out_tongue:

For dinner I asked to look at a menu and lost my appetite. They had “pigeon tongue” listed among a few other things I didn’t know you could eat. I pictured an assembly line with young girls yanking and collecting pigeon tongues. So that’s why there are no pigeons in Zhuhai.

I felt a comcern or some compulsive awareness when people pick up food with chop-sticks put it in their mouth and return it to another dish. I was making an effort to not dip the chopsticks in the sauce and then not lick the ends but I kept forgeting. :unamused:

I too believe that it’s just a matter of time and that the virus will mutate. This eating style will be the virus super highway!

I just returned from a couple weeks in China. I asked a few Chinese people if they were afraid of the bird flu and they hadn’t heard about it yet. I guess after SARS the Chinese government isn’t advertising any more epidemics until they fully materialize.

The blow to the Chinese economy would be huge if a full pandemic were to occur. I would definately stay off the planes to-and-from the Orient. Most product development would need to be done via video conferencing (buy stock now!!) and via e-mail.

Personally I got a lot done on this last trip thinking it could be my last in a while. I usually don’t travel over the holidays, then Chinese New Years is early next year. With the whole country of China travelling during CNY it will probably stir-up the flu if it makes it to China by then.

I was one of the guys that paniced when SARS broke out - and it died-out pretty fast. I hope this situation follows the same course. As an added insurance policy I bought some Tamiflu when I was in HK. There wasn’t much available because there is a run on it because of the threat of the bird flu…

Haha you bastard! It’s supposed to be a prescripted medication. Also, make sure it isn’t pirated.

How much did you pay for that?

I’ve been buying presciption medicine from the same guy in HK for years. He sells Cipro over-the-counter like it’s asprin.

I checked the on-line pharmacies for prices. It was showing US$60 - US$65 for a box of 10 doses. This guy said he was selling it for HK$200 before the bird flu made the front page. Now it’s HK$250. (US$32).

I know that conterfeit drugs is a huge business in China & HK. I would NEVER buy medication in China. HK isn’t immune to piracy, but I checked the boxes and compared it to photos on-line. It’s a good match. Of course that means nothing because there are some good printers in China!!

I’ve been around the block and realize there is a high probability of getting ripped off in the Orient. I happen to know this guy hasn’t screwed me in the last 5 years.

I heard that they jacked the price way up since Tamiflu made its way to the front page.

My friend back in the US said her husband bought some Tamiflu online and paid about $500. But they used their revolving tax deduct account to buy because they had a balance of $700 they were about to lose.

Deez, I have 1 dose of clomid for days 3-8. I can send to you when I get back to USA. You pay shipping.

Because this is a public forum I don’t plan to give out the name of my supply of pharmaceuticals.

If anyone is visiting HK I can give some rough directions to find him:

He’s behind the Hyatt Hotel - 1 block west of Nathan Road. There are a couple very small drug stores on the block. Take three steps up…


PS: Judging by the other folks in the shop while I was there it appears he does a brisk business in anabolic steroids.

Tamiflu is only going to have limited effects because viruses are notoriously difficult to treat. As it stands now there is really nothing that anyone can do because the virus hasn’t mutated into a human-to-human form.

You need to have the working human version before you can modify it into a weakened vaccine ready virus. So far all of the people who have died from this were people who either worked with large numbers of infected birds on farms or worked in the processing of birds for meat. The constant exposure and inhalation of the virus is what currently spreads it to people from animals. And because China is tight on what information gets out it’s hard to know what medical care those 60 people had access to.

Unless one of the pharmaceutical companies creates the human-to-human version and releases it into the population were really don’t need to worry. I’ve heard several doctors and scientists say that the likelyhood of this virus mutating into some super bug overnight is highly unlikely.

I don’t understand the mad rush for tamiflu either - They don’t even know if it works, for regular flu it only shortens the illness by one or two days, it’s not a vaccine or a cure.


I got back to the US yesterday.

Been trying to PM you but no success.
Sorry I came back home looking for the Clomid to find out that my husband dumped it. He said it was expired… :blush:

I saw a post on ivillage on the TTC board of people wanting to offer up their extra fertility drugs or give them to “friends.” Your post reminded me I still had some. Maybe some are still posting…

Clomid is wicked. Especially if you are going long term. I would liked to have helped you out. I wish you all the best.

Speaking of Bird Flu :laughing:

Anyone in Taichung right now??
I was too lazy to find the “Where in China” post, figured this one would work just fine.

I’ll be here till the 11th

hopefully my lost luggage will arrive tonight :unamused:

Whether you belive in the bird flu dangers or not, its always better to be safe than sorry. Regarding drugs, tamilu is not the only drug to fight this flu. I read here that there are other drugs like relenza and amantadine for that.

i just got back from doing the factory rounds in china, and i got sick while i was over there…

i quickly rushed back to the office in australia and started sneezing over my co-workers, as far as im concerned im more than happy to do my bit to wipe out the human race, expeshally starting with the f**kng australians…

i think H5N3 is the one we have to ‘worry’ about anyway, the next mutation, when it becomes airbourne or whatever. good times.