BioVYZR.... 2020 is over

I just got served an add for this on YouTube…

Whew, time to re-book my vacations. I was going to say it seemed a bit oversized, but then I saw that it DOESN’T TOUCH YOUR HAIR.

when do you think we will get the ‘supreme’ collaboration special edition?

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More importantly, it doesn’t touch your hair from 1985.

And yet it’s raised $300k… Pretty sure I couldn’t walk through a door with that on, or sit in a car. Are you going to wear it exercising or at the gym? Good luck getting an airline to let you wear it on the plane. I’m just not getting the use case, but 850+ backers still want it. You could literally buy a gas mask (or a shark costume) for less money. Guess I’ll never truly understand consumers

This is a perfect example of why all crowdfunding is BS, smoke & mirrors.


Yep. I’ve had a few clients want to explore crowd funding. I always say the same thing: “why?”… and that usually stops the conversation because people don’t know why.

It’s a sign of times that people in 2020 will throw money at anything “for shits and giggles”. I doubt it will last another decade, so one should really jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late… I mean 850 backers makes 300k and considered a wild success… meanwhile it’s not even MOQ at most factories. Few professionals get out of bed for 1000pcs/y. It’s never going to be this easy to get your personal project made.

RE:Supreme: I’m familiar with this brand, but I guess not familiar enough. What makes a Supreme version remarkable in this scenario? Why is it a fit? honestly curious

This is part of the BS of the crowdfunding schemes. You never know what they actually spent on acquisition or marketing to get that money and you don’t even know if it was the backer’s own money to just make it look successful. Theres lots of hidden costs and lots of scammy agencies that take a cut to promote campaigns and require minimum ad spends so it’s not always what it seems.

Anyhow. Supreme is actually a great fit as they have a history of putting their logo on stupid things for hype beasts to buy it. They literally sold a Supreme brick. An actual brick.


That is what I was thinking Richard. They would buy this thing :smiley:

Or put a plastic zip tie on it and make an Off White™ Version.


LOL, yes… I mean now you can wait in line for 8 hours for a pair of hyped sneakers … needs a coffee port.

Can it filter pepper spray and deflect rubber projectiles?

If not then fail.

Yo and Richard make me feel so unhip when I have no idea of what they are talking about.

OK let’s go 50/50% on this one, make it out of 15mm thick lexan, call it the “P-2 Protestor Protector” and we can have it on shelves by August.

Does corn bio plastic come in 15mm transparent?

The front page article on ‘coronagrifting’ is a nice compendium of all these things.

Sorry I missed that question, Engio. It was just a whimsical photoshop. I find supreme to be a silly (and cynical) brand that takes things like a brick and puts their logo on it and people clamor for it. I find this product to be (I’m sure very well intentioned) a bit of a silly solution that has raised a bunch of money (though as Richard says, who knows where it comes from, it could be from the founders for all we know), so I thought a mash up of the two brands, outside of Hudson Yards, another silly thing, was just amusing. At least to me. This way a hype beast fan boi could stand in line for hours for the latest release :wink: