I’m currently doing a reasearch about Bioplast(Bioswing/Biocut)
here’s it’s manufacturer’s website.

but anyone knows how I can find the cost of this material(eg. $/kg)

and if you know this material
what disadvantages you think it has?

I’m struggling with it~~
anyone help me!!!

thanks very much!!!

I just posted a blog entry about it, but I couldn’t find a ton of info, but check the links…

It’s corn-based, but I’m not sure what that means in terms of processability. It looks like they add something to polypropylene or polyethylene to make it easier to break down. The article shows it being used for disposible dinnerware…

Let us know what you find out about it…


thanks for that bolg but actually i’ve checked it out before i posted my question

what i found about Bioplast is a material made without any plastic but made from raw material!! so this one is a bit different from the blog’s product…

the typical use of this Bioplast is golf tees (bioswing) and cutlery(Biocut) which you can find in the website i’ve provided

about its price, I coulnd’t find a specific answer but I found from the other website which said this bioplast cost comparison with polypropylene, polyethylene…

oh!! by the way I found Bioplast in Ultra Ligh Super Strong which is a very good book of introducing new light weight and very strong materials~
you can have a look of it if interested!

hope this information is useful to everyone~