Biomimicry Student Design Challenge

The Biomimicry Institute is pleased to announce the 2011 Biomimicry Student Design Challenge. The challenge is to use biomimicry to create a product, process, system, or service that increases energy efficiency OR improves energy storage OR reduces energy consumption. The solution must must emulate a model found in nature.
Interdisciplinary teamwork is highly encouraged. Registration is open from September 6 to October 1; submissions will be due on December 21.
Registered teams will have access to a variety of resources from The Biomimicry Institute to facilitate student learning about biomimicry, the biomimicry design methodology and Life’s Principles.
The winning submission will receive a $5000 prize.

For complete information, visit

BTW if anyone’s interested in doing this with me, my senior design thesis is a Biomimicry product line and I’d love to enter (but alas I have no extra team member)

If you need a team member, Im always down to help :smiley:

(Though a local team member makes things far simpler)

Just an update to let everyone know that the deadline to register for this Challenge has been extended through October 14!

As of today (10/3) 45 teams are registered from 17 countries!

Check out the Challenge or learn more at the Biomimicry Institute’s website: