biomechanical toothbrush :o)

single use toothbrush using muscular power of an insect.
alternative to rechargeable mechanical rotary brushes.
wide range of power modules (varies depending on location).

Lets make this into a portfolio piece.!

People with some time on their hand, please marker render or photoshop this image!

i’ve got some more of those here

Someone did his research!
A male cockroach would be perfect for this! An easy to find, common insect with 6 hairy legs with little claws…they move’em very fast, too (4-6 km/h, for a male), they can “hold their breath” for like an hour…and can crawl through the tiniest spaces …can be useful when flossing i guess.

But it’s gotta be a male one – they’re faster, and have no babies to take care of.

They taste good too.

Would these be for the RSA awards by any chance? I did a whole module on oral hygene, and now I’m sick of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

He he. some interesting concepts there…

it was a small project during my 2d year: to generate 40 concepts in a quite short time. real fun :slight_smile:

dude, the insect-on-a-toothbrush gave me a brilliant idea!!! it came in my dreams while i was napping strangely enough. i thought the sketch was pretty funny, but then i started to think about it and came up with an innovative idea. Ill send you a check in the mail when it hits the market :wink:

:slight_smile: thx for that. dont forget 3M-they want a piece too .)