biodegradable plastic for SLA

did a forum search for biodegradable plastic. not one hit. so asking if anyone has links to biogradable plastic resources and especially anything on use in SLA machines. i saw that HP corn-based printer but cant find much on it. guessing and hoping they used an SLA to make that. even if not i’m still mainly interested in the SLA side of things. anything appreciated.

Zcorp also makes a printer which outputs in cornstarch or plaster.

However, printers like this use cyanoacrylate binding resins which form acrylic in the printed model, making it non-bio-degradable.

As far as SLA goes, there isn’t much demand for a biodegradable resin in the prototyping buisness, because speed, accuracy, final mechanical properties, and low cost are much more important in the development of a prototype.

But, the Biomedical Engineering industry has been developing biodegradable resins for use in printing bone and tissue scaffolds to grow new organs, or implant into patients. Obviously, these resins have properties which are more geared toward the medical arena, so they probably won’t work too well for product prototyping, but they could be worth a look:;jsessionid=i7bgluB-6Wsd?cookieSet=1

All these pages are pretty academic, but you might be able to use something from them.

Hope that helps.

zcorp i’m familiar with. but the rest helps more than you know. thanks.