Billing Software for PC

Can anyone recommend any good billing, invoicing, and time & expense tracking software? The one I use has been discontinued and I need to update ASAP.


what you using now? i’m old school wrt accounting. done a little research. intended to do more this week (that time of year). will share what i learn if it matches your needs.

I’ve been using an app called TimeShark which was developed by a graphic design firm (Danger Island), which has been great to use. They’ve stopped making/supporting it so I need to find something else. I’m a sole proprietor right now with hopes to grow more in the future, so I’d like to get something that I can grow with without being overwhelmed by inventory features, etc.

Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!

been considering trying GnuCash. opensource accounting software. looks like it has some invoicing features. but also looks bloated to me. its Linux though (sorry).

one called BillingTracker looks more manageable - . standard version probably all i’d need for service fees. fair price. but may not have features i may need this coming year. depends on where i take the business (different issue). but like you i want something i can grow.

i’ll be asking some other sole proprietors. might have some advice from them. there’s a few on the forum might have good advice (Casper?). hope they speak up.