Bike sketches

Figured as its my dream job I might as well start practicing. Quick marker sketching, more about proportions/angles and having fun than accuracy of form. Let me know what you think. Comments/crits greatly appreciated. All those little tubes are hard.

ps sorry about crap quality dont have my scanner w/ me on co-op

edit: bumped brightness and contrast a bit
marker bike III.jpg


If you’re having any problems with the proportions/angles just use an overlay of an existing frame with the geometry you want.

I’m not sure if the marker is the best medium for what you’re trying to pull off at this stage. It’s bleeding too much and the result is the frame tubes look very “mushy”. A little tightening up of the lines with a straightedge or some sweeps would help a lot. You can also use a black marker to go over the edges after you lay down the color. That will let you get your lines crisper and pop the image off a little more. You can also use some white pencil to get your highlights consistent across the different tubes. In some cases now it looks like the tubes are painted different colors.

If you’re focusing on frame designs don’t be afraid to photoshop out an existing frame and use the wheels/bars/seat/fork/cranks from a photo.

If you haven’t seen it yet I’d suggest this DVD:

Does a great job of showing analog/digital methods of doing bikes and it’s great inspiration.

I think I’m good on the proportions/angles (at least for 5" trailbikes) after a few tries, but yeah I started with an underlay. You are probably right about the markers being a bad choice, but I figured I need to work on quick marker anyway, I have gotten a ton better using them on sketches so maybe the next round will be better.

I have seen the Scot Robertson bike dvd as well as a workshop, but thats more photo-real stuff as opposed to sketches.

I wanna see some other sketches though.

Come on people I know you like bikes and sketching. Combine your passions! haha