Bike sketch


I’m new to photoshop and have been trying to teach myself how to render my sketches.
This was my first attempt and I’d love some feedback.

Your perspective looks off at where the seat is… before you start rendering anything… always get your perspective right.

When not start with line sketches? If you can depict a form successfully with just lines, you have a good understanding of the form.

Thanks Pezzy, I think you’re right about the seat.

Thanks for posting.

I like the idea of what looks like a translucent motor casing.

The collage rendering style, while a neat idea, is not really meshing with the linework in this case. Keep working it.

Thanks for your comments YO. The ‘collage style’ as you put it came about due to not having any idea about a method to use.
I just read your old post with the ‘Dodge and burn’ technique which seems like a much better way to go about things. .

I use the collage techniques a bit on small parts sometimes, but overall, it’s best to sudy how light reflaects off of surfaces and stylize that.