Bike rack for small space living

I have was a pretty avid cyclist when I was a kid and while I was in college, but gave it up for a while due to work family and other things. I have decided to strap the shoes back on and get back out there. The only issue is that in the past I lived with the folks and they had a garage and plenty of room for the bikes. I now live in a two bedroom condo with no where to store them. I have three bikes (two mountain bikes and one road bike) but have only decide to bring one to my house, the road bike. My issue is that the only room I have to put it in is my Guest room/Office. This room is pretty small so I am going to have to hang it on the wall.

I thought I would throw this up here to see if any of you gear heads have any suggestion any decent looking bike racks for inside the house. I have done quite a bit of searching, but all I have found are things that you would put in your garage. My wife and I take a great deal of pride in the decor and the design of everything in our house, so I would like for this to fit in. Any suggestions???

I did find this but I am not sold on it.

It’s not the purdy-est, but works great…

some nicer options here:

Nothing is stunningly beautiful by any means. But better than spending $112 for a plastic bucket.

I agree. Noticed the price after I posted and said the same thing.

I like the Dual Touch. That could work, and gives me the option to bring more bikes home. My wife will love that :open_mouth: .

What I like about the Dual Touch is that you can move around the hooks really easily, and you can even rotate them. So that sloping top-tube dirt jumper sits just right above the flat-top tube 80’s Panasonic fixie…

You can make a stand similar to the dualtouch with a wardrobe pole and hooks from IKEA and a few bits from the hardwearshop.

Article is in norwegian, but the pictures describe it OK

I’m blocked at work, but tonight I will post pictures on how Tam Pham display’s his track bikes (his '38 Paramount is the first ever made). And if you want efficiency, there is a vertical-mount rack that allows you to slide the bikes side-to-side so they can really be packed in. I will also post that tonight.

great!! thanks.

I just lean mine against the wall, that wall does a great job and it came with my studio apartment. I could put a bucket on my wall and then lean it against the bucket but why bring in a middle man?

I like the top tube bucket thing myself, they had them at DWR closeout stores for like $45. You can also go to the hardware store and get a normal bike hook. You know like that hang your bike by the rim (arg) upside down in the garage. Anyway, mount it to the wall and just stick the front rim in there, allowing the rear wheel to just hit the wall (paint is cheap for your walls). It should look like your bike is riding up the wall.

Another option is to get the pulley thing, sold at most bike shops. But if you do not have very high or vaulted celling then this may not be a good choice.

Tam’s bikes, truely spectacular, clockwise from the upper left - Merckx, Gloria, Paramount, Bianchi, Masi and Pogliaghi.

And Gladiator GarageWorks from Sears,

We’ve got a cycloc in work and it works brilliantly. the only problem is that it protrudes into the room a lot. but if your wall is 'stepped back from the main room then they’re so quick and simple to mount and easy to use.

The other problem is that the bikes take up a lot of wall space once they’re on. I wouldn’t recommend using more than two of them.