Bike Building P*rn

Nice short on Sean Walling, owner of Soulcraft, a custom steel bicycle frame shop in Petaluma, CA building a steel bike from scratch.

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FROM STEEL: The Making of a Soulcraft on Vimeo

Cool, I drove through that town a couple of weeks ago…

Thanks for the prompt mrtwills…

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Thanks NURB. Vimeo has so many great little video, Im going to turn into a vimeo posting nut.

Thanks Will & Chris… I thought I’d tried every combination there was. It’s always something obvious.

[edit] And if ever there were a “Joys of a Workshop” shop, this should be one. Not a CNC driven machine to be seen. His frame jig is a joy to behold.

I had to wipe the drool off of my desk.

Was he building a two niner?

Definitely a 29er.

Lew, the frame jig is made by a company called Anvil

A friend of mine has one, and it’s amazing. His shop looks pretty similar, albeit quite a bit smaller.

Little custom frame shop called Capricorn.