Big names, industrial design hit the silver screen!

It hasn’t scored great reviews, but from what I’ve read, Elizabethtown (starting Orlando Bloom and Kirsten “beyond hot” Dunst) is about an industrial designer that fails miserably at his job with presumably Nike. It goes on with him losing his job, attempting suicide, losing his girlfriend, etc.

Gosh, the dream life of the industrial designer! ha ha

I might just go see it for the novelty value. I’m interested in seeing how they portray his life prior to the huge collapse. At least he’s not gay in the movie, not that there is anything wrong with that. But I’d rather associate myself with Bloom than with Karim.

“At least he’s not gay in the movie (…) But I’d rather associate myself with Bloom than with Karim.”

Great comment.

Big LOL.

Hey, it sounds like they finally made a movie about those of us who post messages on Core!!!

This was discussed a while back.

I do love that whenever Industrial Designers are protrayed in films they are always having some kind of life crisis.

Orlando Bloom - Elizabethtown
Julia Roberts - Runaway Bride?

I noticed that Ewan McGregor’s second character in The Island was technically an Industrial Designer but no one mentioned it, he was a transportation designer who made boats, cars, motorcycles, etc. He also had to have a clone made because he had liver disease or something from sleeping around and partying too much. Of course he gets shot dead.

I guess they’re trying to tell us all something.

Has The Island been released yet? I definately missed it. Is it coming to video soon?

The best ID in Hollywood is still the bright and beautiful Karen in Brainstorm played by Natalie Wood.

If Hollywood were to play up ID as a hot-shot career move, the field would be a lot more crowded than it is already.


… don’t forget John Malcovich’s character in “In The Line of Fire”… an Art Center Grad who tries to kill the president!

Forgot about that one, yet another positive example.

I remember one of my psychologist friends once telling me about a study that said all artistically creative people suffer varying levels of insanity. I guess Hollywood agrees.

Let’s not forget Industrial Designer “Eve Kendall” from Hitchcocks 1959 “North by Northwest” played by Eva Marie Saint.

That’s like saying Hollywood is a crazy business…

Your arguement assumes Hollywood is creative.

there was that furniture designing cheating husband guy in that robin williams movie too, (1 hour photo?)

he could spin a 3d chair better than anyone

Just because you’re creative doesn’t mean you’re good…


Heh. I watched The Island a while ago…the thing that finally clued me into the fact that McGregor’s character was supposed to be an industrial designer (instead of, say, a one-off craftsman like Burt Rutan) was the rack of Tria markers on his mantlepiece. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to think of a movie where the lead character’s profession started a growth for that particular degree. Something that may have been somewhat unknown to the masses, but gained enormous popularity following a successful movie.

Anyone have any examples? I know a lot of people, myself included, wanted to go punch somebody or blow my apartment up after watching Fight Club. heh heh.

Hollywood has an amazing ability to guide pop culture, as they are an intrinsic part of it. It’s sort of a shame that the movie isn’t getting good reviews.

AH, I GOT ONE. Anti-Trust with Ryan Phillippe, Tim Robbins and Racheal Cook (cutie.) Anyhow, I have to admit that I was impressed with how Hollywood illustrated the life of a very successful computer programmer for a major company, in this case a make-believe version of Microsoft. Made me want to be a hacker of sorts, but then I realized how boring that must be…Regardless, I’m sure it got some people interested, or more interested, in computer science and programming.

I really think he should be playing Orlando’s character…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
That’s so true!

Classic, somehow that’s what everyone appears to be doing when you walk around the office. :smiley:

I read recently that NCIS has gotten a lot of people interested in studying forensics, until they realise that NCIS is mostly fantasy and the job is actually difficult.

Lots of people wanted to be lawyers after LA Law was a hit, but not real lawyers - TV lawyers with great hair and clothes and interestingly complicated sex lives.

Doesn’t Hollywood for the most part portray jobs as fantasies? Not out of ignorance but because the tedium of the working day doesn’t really push the plot along- the same reason why characters can always get a park right out the front of wherever they are going- watching someone go around the block 4 times trying to find a park is fairly uncompelling viewing.

Remember how many fighter pilots signed up after top gun…