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Howdy Pah-t-nurs,

Does anybody have any experience working at BMT? Or have you heard anything good/bad/neutral about them. I am looking to aquire a new job in the Chi-town soon and like to put out the ‘feelers’

Gracias Amigos

You’ll love the work
Great location
nice office space

For a small place it has alot of politics.
Its all about if they like you.
Mafia management
Bosses have HUGE egos… butt kissing helps
Pay is low

ne1 got a link?

No website to my knowledge… very secretive/paranoid company. They develped this paranoia from their days at Marvin Glass.

You might find some information under the old name: breslow morrison terzian assoc… morrison & terzian retired… that’s why they changed the name.

I like their ‘front door’. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I mean.

How bizarre- they don’t have a website?

Nope… they’re strictly an invention group for the toy industry. The less anyone knows about them, the better… they couldn’t get any benefit from a site. Same goes for all of the other toy invention groups… most of them are in stealth mode…

Here is some more info on Marvin Glass. Very different sort of ID firm…

Anyone know anything about the murders that happened in the Chicago Glass office in the 80’s? I’m not kidding. Apparently a disgruntled designer that was fired came back and killed multiple people, thus splintering the Chicago toy scene… Sounds absolutely horrible.

Yeah, Jeff Breslow (of BMT) was supposed to be in the room when the guy went nuts. He was pulled out to answer a phone call. He sends that woman who called 1 dozen roses every year.

Apparently this guy was on edge… and mangement should have know. I hear they were giving him the cold shoulder which usually meant you were going to get axed soon. So one day this guy walks in with a loaded gun (executive meeting) and does a Columbine. Several were killed, one guy in a wheel chair. Not everyone in the room was killed.

Will second that. Take CarterBench as a case in point.

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