Big Layoff to "Can we schedule an interview with you?&q

OK - I just got a call from a large corporation that just happened to lay off thousands of people recently. They want to do a phone interview with me tomorrow and I’m all for it.

Any advice?

I would direct my focus on one topic, the rest is your supporting argument…

the one topic:
the value you can bring to the corporation, that includes creating highly profitable products that are sure to sell

if I’m guessing the right company, that’s all they want to hear

In a financiapocalpse many big companies cut loose high priced talent and replace them with cheaper people to reduce fixed costs. It’s also an opportunity to cut-out the dead wood in the organization.

One man’s loss is another man’s opportunity. (or woman’s)

Good luck with the interview.

I’ll take Motorola?, for 200 Alex.

Thanks for the comments…

And no… it isn’t Motorola :slight_smile:

Well, so many companies recently laid off x-thousand people I wouldn’t know where to start…