Bicycling in the snow

While it is a lovely 34 degrees celcius here, I’d love to know if anyone has done this:

Is this design or engineering?

Merry Christmas

Meh. Get some Hakkapelliita’s, and call it good.

That’s what gets me to work every day here in the frigid icebox of the Upper Midwestern US.

I’d suspect that, while zip-ties would work for a bit, it wouldn’t be nearly as effective as studded tires, and they would probably slip on ice very easily being plastic. Carbide tips trump plastic. Always.

For reference, the Stone Arch Bridge Minneapolis.

Here’s what it looked like on Monday:

Here’s what it usually looks like without snow:

Studded bike tires are soldout here for the next quarter, self explanatory :wink:

Wow man, that’s quite a commute!

Dang NURB, respect! Wow that’s commitment to ride through that everyday! What happens to those tires when you take them off the snow, let’s say you ride over strip of bare pavement?

I know people who use the cyclocross tires that are a little more knobby. I also know people who are on the other end of the spectrum, and rock old 700x18 or 700x20 tires that sink in better, or so I’ve been told.

Thin to win.

About half of commuters follow this philosophy. The other half go this route:

That’s a 3.5" there… Salsa Mukluk, complete for $1500. A bargain.

(full disclosure: I didn’t take that photo above, but it represents exactly what I rode through that day. It was the only thing I could think of to give some perspective.)

choto, while i haven’t used studded bike tires, im rather familiar with studded car tires (being Finnish just like those tires). You wear the ground, and you wear down the studs faster using them on pavement or the like. But you still have good grip.

Downhill tires work very good in snow. The tread pattern is deep and hooks up great.
I use Maxxis High Rollers and Minion DH all year long since I ride for sport only (dh/freeride bikes suck for commuting).

Sizes from 2.3 to 2.5 are ok. Fatter tires probably won`t fit a regular bike anyway, even 2.5 might be a problem.

You’ve got to be careful. You can slide a bit, but you’re actually supposed to put 20-30 miles on the tires on pavement to scuff them up a bit to hook up on ice better. They do make a cool noise on pavement though.

The only downside to the tires, are that they are insanely heavy. So, come spring time you’re flying on the bike!