"Bicycle" that makes me want to hurt people

This is a design contest entry meant to highlight the uses of an acrylic counter-top material. It has a modulus that is 13% of aluminum and 5% of steel. Sounds like a comfy ride. But wait!!! It is electric and will generate enough power to keep all your gadgets running through the darkest of nights. INCLUDING YOUR CAR.

Not convinced? It also is a mobile hotspot so you can check your email while commuting. Nice!

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The person I want to hurt is the idiot who thinks this was even a viable concept for this material. I hate everything about this. It actually makes me angry thinking about this.

Focus that negative energy into designing a really cool bike concept and get it on every blog that this is on. Site your inspiration as horrible unfeasible bike concepts.

Teaching moment!

Hehe, I really set myself up for that one. Yo, you are like Core77’s personal Stephen Covey or zen master or something.

Saw this a little while ago. As a form exercise it’s interesting, as a home-energy solution it’s ridiculous.

The riding posture and “custom saddle” makes my whole body cringe.

You know, I think it’d be fine if the wheels were ~hubless~

Big rocks man (7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Franklin Covey inside joke…)

Nice one.

Wait until you see my granite bike concept.

Peacock Groove Evil Dead tribute bike. A bicycle that could hurt people…

Damn hipsters.

I’ve got one of those custom saddles, mine though is a bit different, it has mm engraved into it and I use it to help me mark straight lines on paper with a pen.

Ah… I have the Imperial version!

Yes, but is it customized to fit right up inside your particular butt crack like this one?

My favorite part is the crank spindle.

You mean the one a 4-year-old girl would snap when pedaling?

No worries. A 4-year-old girl would be too small for this bike.

No need for the 4-year-old girl to pedal. There is nothing to transfer power from the pedals to the wheels.

Here’s what I think of when i see this:

First, this person lacks the 3D modeling skill to actually do all the little details on a bike (hardware, brakes, chains etc.)

Second, this person does have the marketing BS ability to try to hide the fact the lack the 3D modeling ability by inventing completely BS technologies that are completely invisible, but solve all those nasty little details.

Maybe in some years a kind of - Solid Surface material can replace certain fibers or plastics. Who knows it?

This project lacks on 3d detail, render quality, feasibility… the same facts our projects were revisted when we started in the industrial design field as students…

Modern Man thinks this must be a joke.