Bicycle speedometer

Here’s a concept I have been working on. Tried to create a valuable bicycle accessory, dropped the current look of bicycle computer and added wristwatch aesthetics. Its targeted to leisure cycling and its not bicycle training equipment.

Interesting concept. I like the aesthetic, and the direction you are headed.

However, think about a few things here.

  1. The connection to the bars. Steel clamp covered in leather looks beautiful, but is not very functional on a multitude of bicycle handlebar diameters. Even though there are currently 3 standard sizes of bar clamp (in the US, 25.4, 26.0, 31.:sunglasses: Bars typically have some taper making it very difficult to mount something like this without a rubberized strip to make up the difference.

  2. From the scale of your typeface, it appears this may be quite difficult to read for someone without perfect vision. Or, to glance quickly at it, then back at the road.

  3. I like the integrated bell, but that movement only stresses my first point further about secure fastening. There’s no reason you can’t stick to the same materials, it just needs some resolution.

  4. I would reverse how you have the mileage indicator set. Instead of having it at 2 o’clock, have it at 3 so you can read it. You can always pull towards or away to ring the bell.

Stick VDO on it and you’re done.

Consider making the indicator needle wider, I find it difficult to identify here, let alone on a vibrating bicycle handlebar.

And while I like the negative space surrounding the digits, they will be difficult to read at this scale (we have only the comparison of the instrument face to the diameter of the handlebar as a reference).

So, what is the diameter? 45-50mm?

And truth be known, I’m more of a “black-on-white-face” kinda guy, but that’s a personal thing. I find it more legible, and to be honest the black-face “cockpit” thing is a bit dated. IMO.

I love it !

Looks pretty, nice material choices.

I assume this is the kind of thing you remove when you leave your bike unattended. Meaning you have to store it temporarily in your pocket or bag, which looks very clumsy and inconvenient with the clamp and lever.

Bell? Really? Seems like a waste of battery life, extra components, added volume… when a traditional mechanical bell would probably have superior function. Bell feature don’t belong at all IMO.

Sidenote: it would be kinda cool to have an RPM display for pedals on a bike. Gimmicky, but still. Does it exist?

It’s called Cadence, and yes it does certainly exist. But what does it tell you? Many theories about what you should be doing there…

Cool. No I’ve no idea, just something that popped into my head seeing the speedometer. I mean if you’re gonna milk the car-like look.

very nice indeed.

popped it onto the front page for you…

Thanks for the replies, those are all good points. Handlebar mounting concept is a bit weak at the moment. I had a deadline set for this project so I went for a easier solution. Also had in mind to create different color schemes, started out with white & black but the test renders didn’t really work, might have a go later with different colors, materials.
And thanks to yo for posting it on the front page :slight_smile:

Very nice indeed. I do like the simplicity.

A couple of minor refinements.

  • The sensor, is that a AAA battery? It could be be a much smaller disc battery. The current design looks huge hanging off of the fork.

  • Wheel diameter should be in the computer and not the sensor. It is extra data that does not need to be transmitted.

  • The silicone strap may tear too easily. A zip-tie works just fine.

I love the presentation, but I’d like to see a couple of things:

  1. A little more manufacturing details. What material is the speedo enclosure. Alu die-cast? IM plastic? It’s not clear. Either way, the design is going to add some difficulty to the manufacturing (although it is possible).

  2. I don’t think the design pushes as far as your inspiration. I see a Nixon watch and a Mini speedo in your boards, but then the final product looks like a stock VDO gauge. Where is the funky urban influence?

You are half way there! Keep going!

svensson : sweet design … great detailing … :smiley:

Nice design, good renders also.
One thing though on the presentation, your work is aimed at leisure cyclists and commuters, but the presentating image is on a road bicycle…