Bicycle Engineering Blog

Finally, a blog for bicycle engineering!

Check out my musings : Cozy Beehive (weird name, I know right?)

I’m a mechanical engineer, and while I’m not too interested in working in the bicycle industry, I love to ride my bike and observe the trends in bicycle design, production, materials.

The blog also serves as a one stop reference point for materials technology, production processes, industry articles (by that I DON’T mean the shiny page off some cycling weekly.)

Critiques, comments, advice fully welcomed here or on my blog. Enjoy. :smiley:

Cozy Beehive Bicycle Blog

The engineers at Cannondale have video blogs on the cannondale website.

There’s a lot of frog bike concepts on that blog.

Back in my hometown there was cycling group called the Road Toads.

Keep it going!

Great blog. Thanks for all the work.

I prefer more personal blogs.
Even when the blog bring news and insights.
I feel like I should look for hiding advertising all the time … but maybe it’s only me. I have two other blog that I want to recommend, reef club, kevin garnett
Your personal blog is really cool.

Those engineers are not about advertising.