bic sketches

i opened this topic because i would like to see how the people use the bic pen for sketching.

i´m going to put my last sketch

come on guys!!

nothing there

I clicked the link and it said:

You are not authorized to view this page

said i needed to create a login… you can post them with a free image hosting service like
or make a portfolio…

looking forward to seeing the sketches…


I just scanned these from my sketchbook. I hope more people post some sketches.

nice stuff dude…

hi,yes i’ve got the same problem,so i’m gonna change the configuration of my space.

hey J6Studios,that’s crazy is real amazing

well i changed the configuration of my space,and also i opened an account in, thanks Yo


Very Old Westernesque Feel…very nice!

NIce stuff, real nice sketches. Seem a bit agressive…?

Nice boot sketches! How big are those? Most of my stuff is small. It’s easier for me to shade smaller things with a BIC.

My work is buying some Pilot Hi-Tec C pens. I’ll let you know if they work any better.


yeah is a little bit agressive,i don´t like the normal cowboy style.

i made this sketches for a friend,she likes the cow style with a long toe and a really high heel.

the size i don´t know (note book) i should be put the bic-pen in the corner of the photo,next time!!,

kind regards!

this is another one.

the real size is…long side one Bic and a half,short side one Bic.

is a soccer shoe,i know that it needs more improvement,but as a first sketch i think is not bad.

hey J6Studios,tell me news about the new Bic,right?


well another one,but i hope people post more bic-sketches.


I absolutely love that football boot, very cool, id buy a pair!

ooh!! cheers mate.that’s nothing.

i would like to see more sketches


well,and another one.

i dont want to make this as my own topic,i’d like to see more draws by bicpen.

ok,i think this is the last one,nobody is gonna post more bic sketches.