Bialetti Moka Express..

Hi everyone…

I’m modelling a Moka Pot in Rhino and I got quite curious about how they actually make the whole damn thing…

It appears the design and production methods haven’t changed since it’s introduction in the 30’s. What really caught my eye is that there are lathed (?) surfaces and straight ones, no weld seams expect 5 very small edges running vertically along the inside surfaces of the bottom chamber. The upper chamber lacks such edges all together. Yes, and; 2mm aluminum all the way around…

I’m throwing in a couple of pictures to clarify…



Unibody Aluminum shell? It’s obviously magic.

Top section and lid are die cast(notice the sharp parting lines and detail in the date stamp). The bottom is sand cast due to the undercut and rough surface seen on the inside. Bottom is then lathed to provide a flat surface. Investment casting- not so much


This was the top thread for the moka pot. I know it is ubiquitous coffee pot and all but I was not expecting to find it like this: