BFA vs. BS

Does anyone know if there is a major difference in having a BFA in industrial design over a BS? Does one look better to employers than the other? And how come they are different from school to school?

I’m sure there will be a lot of debate over this, but there is realy no difference to an employer. All that matters out of school is your skill set.

So, that said, BFA’s usually come from art schools, where the emphasis will most likely be very hands on, drawing and model making. You will likely get a lot more art history, design history, and architectural history, plus I think more emphasis on design theory, form theory, composition, and color theory. All things I have found invaluable.

A BS is more likely to come from a university setting where you will have more required academics. The upside being that you will have the opportunity to take classes in marketing, mechanical engineering, design research, statistics. Probably more in depth ergonomics classes. All good things.

It really depends on what intrests you. What do you want to be better at, knowing that a company will hire you based on what you can do.

just my take.

Well, i can say I am going from a university that gives out BFA’s to a private art school that has BS. I have heard it depends state to state really. Although, my BFA school did do more art history, and theory then the BS school.

BFA if you want to be a celebrity designer OR a nobody.

B.S. if you want to be above average your whole life but never exceptional.

It’s a gamble my friend…roll tha dice

BFA will always require more art/design history.

Stop looking at the letters and look at the actual program. Its your portfolio that will get you the job. Also I don’t care if its a BFA or a BS but if the degree is from a school like Pratt versus one of those art institute programs quess which one will get my attention.

Who is this? John Kerry. In the same text as its about the portfolio, who cares about the letters, you say you care more about ther name of a school to another. Hmmmmm? Seems to me that if you go that route, I would never want to work for you ever.