BFA or BA and then MFA?

Hi everyone!

I’m hoping to get some advice on a decision I’ve been struggling with for over a year.

I am trying to decide if I should get my Bachelors now and get my Masters later, or if I should just get my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree ? I am currently attending CSULB and in their Interior Design Program. Out of high school I went to a community college where I received my Associates in Interior Design ( for some reason this took me 4 years to complete ) and I transferred to CSULB. I have work experience in both Residential and Commercial design and have quite a few connections already ( although no job offers)

If I just get my BA, I can be graduate by Fall 2016. If I get my BFA, I won’t finish until Spring 2018.

My questions are:

  1. What would you say is more appealing to companies in this field? Work experience? A higher education? A great portfolio? Or is it just who you know?
  2. I feel like working in the field is the best way to learn… Are there benefits to more schooling in a class room setting then?
  3. What degrees are Design Firms looking for? BA? BFA? MFA?
  4. I would love to study aboard for a year or so… What are your thoughts on studying design in Europe? Will it increase my chances? Should I do my masters there or do a year in the BFA program there?
  5. Is it hard to get a job with just a BA now a days? I’d would like to work for a bit before I get my masters. If I choose that path.

    I would love to hear thoughts from both sides… If you faced a similar decision and how you decided… Where you are now , what you wish you have done differently, or just any advice that can help…

Thank you to all in advance!

-Avana G.