"Beyond 2000 TV show"

Just wondering if anyone remembers this show from the early 90’s. It used to show some great examples of design. I miss it :frowning:

I used to love the show - probably one of the reasons I ended up in design.

Same here. I think it was one of the reasons i got into design too.

Loved that show!

I also miss Design World magazine from that era, another Aussie design import.

The dude who hosted “Beyond 2000” is now a local news pesonality in SanFrancisco. I hope he’s not gay.


I was talking to the parent TV company that produced the show a month or two ago. They’ll be producing “Beyond Tomorrow” sometime in the near future in the same mold as Beyond 2000. Kind of funny we’re in the year 2005 now eh? I remember when 2000 felt so far away…