Beware of Creating Design & Manufacture!

In case I violate the forum rules with the following, please inform me and I will edit where necessary.
I would like to warn fellow board members of a manufacturer ( who contacted me via this forum. They also use and (Carmen Jiang) as email-addresses.

A summary of what happened to me:
I spotted several mistakes in the pictures of the parts I was supposed to receive by 11/01/2010: holes were in the wrong place, some holes were countersunk while they shouldn’t be and there were gaps of 2.5mm where they shouldn’t be. They didn’t refer to me or the 3D-files when in doubt about the drawings. On 23/01/2010 they told me they will not correct the mistakes. So by breaking the agreement we both signed they wasted my escrow fee and almost three months of my time.

One of their pictures:

They brushed it a little in the meanwhile, but still…

What can I do about this?
Could I prevent this in the future?
Just before, a local Belgian fabricator exceeded his delivery terms with a couple of months.
Six months without progress makes me lose faith.

We can only make a fair comment if you post all data and communication with the fabricator.

Maybe they fabricated within the specifications they were given.

→ These were not within my specifications/tolerances.
I can always PM you 40p of communication, drawings, 3D-files and images if you think that helps to make a fair comment?