between a rock and a hard place

Which has a better industrial design program Metropolitan State College of Denver or The Art Institute of Colorado. I know that Metropolitan State College gives a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Design while The Art Institute of Colorado gives a Bachelor of Arts. I only plan to go for a bachelors at either of these schools, if i go for a masters it will be at Art Center College of Design or Pratt.

What do you want from school? If you’re planning on going to PRATT for a masters, you might as well go for the undergrad. The foundation years will give you a nice introduction to many diciplines… It will also kick your ass and give a chance to meet some important peers… Then you can just get a job… and screw the masters program untill you’re unemployed and have no other choice.

If you don’t think you’re good enough yet, then you should consider a cheaper public school with good accredidation in the design community. University of Cincinnati or CSULB. They’re both really good programs, with alot of co-ops, where if you’re self-motivated, you can get just as far… and get good enough to make PRATT grad…

I think you’ll find that UC is every bit as hard, if not harder, to get into than Pratt. I think the education that you’d recieve as an undergrad at University of Cincinnati is probably far better than what you’d recieve at Pratt. Alot of that has to do with the excellent co-op program. Again, my own opinion…

I agree with dow sentiment though, if you are planning to move away for grad school why not move away for undergrad and just get a job right after, instead of planning to suppliment a perhaps less than par undergrad education…

… and yes Bearcat, UC in the bee’s knees. Much better placement rate, reputation, and student portfolios than most “established” US programs at this point… and cheaper too… the only problem most high school art teachers are caught up in the same 5 schools he wishes he went 20 years ago!

UC has a tremendous ranking in ID. The only problem is that you MUST get your undergraduate application finished and submitted by October 1 and preferably eariler. Yes, they are a bit bizarre about this early submissioin requirements.

Also, UC doesn’t have a portfolio requirement but does require an UNWEIGHTED GPA of at least 3.50 or better and/or top 20% of your class. They are very academiecally oriented. If you have a good portfolio, submit it anyway. They will probably look at at. ID and industrial design are especially tough to get admitted to at UC because of their high ranking. You probably should have a 3.6 GPA or better from high school, Even as a transfer, you need about a 3.6 or better.

Other good choices would be Art Center College of Design in Calif, Pratt,CMU, RISD, etc. However, I honestly believe that UC has the best program and produces the best results, especially because of their coop program. Remember, they have a 5 year program because of their coop requirements.

I would actually recommend Cleveland Institute of Art and CCS as well.

why don’t you stay want to stay in Michigan?
CCS is great, Kendal or U.Mich. are quite good too.