better to run alias on mac: boot camp or virtual pc?

I had been running Alias 2009 via Bootcamp on my 2.33 core 2 MacBook Pro, but the logic board crashed and I’ve just upgraded to to a refurbed 2.2 unibody MBP (with NVIDIA graphics), and I got to thinking, before partitioning the new HD for boot camp, does anyone have experience running alias via virtual PC?

I had heard years back that running on VPC hamstrung Alias, and running in native Windows via bootcamp was much smoother, so I opted for boot camp on the last machine. Just wondering if anyone has experience in both worlds, and if those issues still exist. It would be nice to not to have to partition the drive, and shutdown/restart everytime I need to jump into the other operating system to use related apps or move files around

Bootcamp. No question. Virtual PC is really only good for web surfing or something else of little computing power. I’ve never had good luck doing anything more than that in Parallels.

I may be uninformed, but why not run it in OSX? My coworker does and it runs like butta. Can’t your license switch OSs?

Just came across this: Parallels Products: Mac Virtualization, Desktop Access, RAS, Mac Management

Best case: Use OSX version, as Cameron said.
Use Bootcamp, because it’s super duper much better than any form of virtualization, even the link that NURB posted: it’s still over the network and not local processing.