Better Place - a very strong argument

A while back we were discussing on a separate thread alternate power sources for personal transportation. Everyone is aware of hybrid electric/petrol vehicles, and alternative fuel sources such as bio ethanol. We’ve discussed the pitfalls and strengths of all the different solutions put forward.

I saw this presentation from Shai Agassi on TED a little while ago and it struck me as a fantastically strong argument advocating the absolute necessity of releasing our dependency on fossil fuels.

Obviously there remains massive infrastructural hurdles to overcome, but as a model I’m of the view this could be one of the most plausible solutions.

One thing I did wonder about was the actual business model for the supply of the battery unit. At 8 cents a mile the differential from petrol is massive, especially here in Europe, but I wonder what fat there is for business?

I’d be interested to hear what anybody thinks,