Better Desiger?

Just for discussion’s sake, as I’m really bored waiting for the workshop to re-open after lunch, I pose a question:

Who is the better designer and why? Q from the James Bond movies, or The Coyote from the Road Runner cartoons?


Coyote! without a doubt :smiley:

Never afraid to innovate

An early adopter of the COTS design approach

Just damn cool

The reason i got into engineering (i kid you not!)


The most creative problem solver I know!

Totally agreed!

Love how the Coyote would have all this stuff worked out on the chalkboard, then strap himself a rocket, totally miss and bomb the crap outta himeself…then come crawling up out of his bomb crater, drag himself to the chalkboard, change some figures, then do it again!


I mentioned the Coyote during my admission interview at Emily Carr, my ‘greatest influence’