Better by Design

I’m sure most of you have seen at least one of the episodes from this series aired on channel 4, 12 years ago now!

I was around 12yo at the time and it clearly had some impact on me! So basically I’ve been searching for the rest of the episodes the past few days, I’ve emailed the design council with no reply as of yet. So does anyone on here have access or links to the series, it would be greatly appreciated!


I’ve looked before too. Surprised these are not on youtube.

Good luck!

Here are the full list of episodes (both series) in case you’ve not found it:

When I was at uni, they were available from the library on VHS - perhaps if you know somebody currently studying at a good design university, they’ll be able to borrow a copy?

I knew a girl who worked at Channel 4 who got me VHS copies of a show that hadn’t been released on DVD yet. Maybe give Channel 4 a call.

Yeah found the teasing lists of episodes! I’ll have to ask around I guess.

Yeah I guess that should be my next step, here’s hoping!

and 4OD has one episode
that you can watch with a VPN like

Absolutely wonderful! Thanks very much!

Channel 4 basically said they dont own the rights, so on.


Great to see it hit the front page! I’ve had contact with the wonderful PR dept of seymour powell and they’ve given me contact details to the production company behind the program, who own the rights. Emailed them late friday so hopefully hear back from them soon!

I only saw the trolley episode and I found it interesting how they almost put words in the mouths of the users (saying something in the line of ‘is it not great?’ while standing next to them) instead of conducting a valid test. Of course they are going to agree with you. Maybe they did it because it was a small project and they run out of time. Enjoyed watching it though and it was cool to see them prototyping.

bkhw: design research was not the highlight of this series!

I remember the toilet episode. They just went into a bathroom and talked about what they thought about toilets for 2 minutes. Research phase complete!

Hello everybody,

maybe we should try with the producers or the producer company, someone maybe could help us there ?

I found the production company’s website.

If you dig around the site you can see they offered DVDs at some point but they ran out and will have more in August of a year that is undetermined.
You could send an email at

Hope that helps!